Group III Asphalt Plants

Group III Asphalt, Inc. is a leading producer of paving materials essential to the construction and maintenance of highways, roads, runways, parking lots and recreational. Group III Asphalt has been a leading asphalt producer in the Florida Panhandle for over 20 years with ability to service our customers better, due to two plant locations in Escambia and Santa Rosa County.

Our mission is to provide quality products and service that consistently meet customer expectations. Group III Asphalt ensures quality through individual quality control initiatives, product testing, mix designs, laboratory testing, strategic management and procedures.

Asphalt plant operations began at Group III in the late 1980’s. From early operations, Group III has owned and operated several asphalt plants from Marianna to Pensacola. Original asphalt batch plants have been replaced with state-of-the-art tower plants, capable of producing over 300 tons of asphalt per hour. Whether customers need small amounts of asphalt to patch a parking lot, or need to depend on our high production facilities for thousands of tons per day, rest assured, Panhandle Grading and Paving, Inc., can deliver.

Quintette Location

55 E. Quintette Rd
Cantonment, FL 32533
(850) 937-8672

Milton Location

6108 Wastle Rd
Milton, FL 32583
(850) 983-0611